Saturday, December 27, 2014

Yamalink YZ250FX lowering officially in stock

The YamaLink 2015 YZ250FX was set for a 2015 January release, but the barrage of calls and emails (most from 250FX owners, a few from other link makers asking if our price would increase so their high prices wouldn't seem so crazy) kickstarted the release: HERE is the link to the link.

Your new YZ250FX is great, but it's tall and suspension can always be improved! We've added a grease zerk for quick bearing maintenance whether in the garage or at the races (some FX bearings are bone dry from the factory). Save money for riding, not replacing rusted bearings or broken levers from slow-speed tipovers! We made a small batch of blues and those sold out quickly. Black, though, is what most YZ250FX riders have been asking to ship.

8 year anniversary, first YZ450 and WR450 lowering link ad YamaLink

The first generation WR400 WR426 WR450 lowering link. Also lowering link for YZ400 YZ426 YZ450.

Friday, December 26, 2014

YamaLink's YZ250FX lowering kit

Based on our YZ250F lowering link & tweaked for the FX's shock & 18" wheel, choose either the link for short, light riders (1.5" lowering) or the link for aggressive, heavier riders/racers (RACE, less than half). YamaLinks give more traction, faster corner speed & improve plushness over braking bumps, rocks & roots that cause rider fatigue. Click HERE for more info.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Yamaha lowering post of the day on 2015 WR250F test by Jimmy Lewis

The 2015 WR250F (yes, we make a lowering link for it) is thoroughly and objectively tested by Jimmy Lewis: Click HERE

And to read the ThumperTalk forum discussion about the test, click HERE.