Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 YZ125 lowering YamaLink. The 1.5 inch or the shorter Race suspension kit

Zach writes: I race motocross and I´m 5´3 and weigh about 105 pounds. I have the correct springs in my bike for my weight. I was wondering which link you recommended for me, the traditional link or the race link?

Hi. At 105 pounds the 1.5" YamaLink is what many of our shorter and lighter MX racers use....but they are using the STOCK spring. With the stock spring at your weight obviously race sag can't be achieved because you are too light, but with the YamaLink 1.5 leverage it is spot on perfect!

If you have a spring rate on now for a 105 pound rider the shorter YZ Race YamaLink is what we recommend.

Jason asks if he can pay for YamaLink without PayPal

I don't want to pay with paypal, is there a way to pay with credit card?

Hi. You can pay with a credit card on our PayPal checkout; it will prompt you to use your PayPal account, but the credit card payment option is accessed by clicking "Don't Have a PayPal Account?" and that's where you use a debit or credit card.

Or you can pay over the phone with a credit card.

Sharon's YZ125 in Australia. Is YamaLink in Australia?

I'm wanting a yz 125 lowering linkage..what is the price of 1 and are you guys in australia?

Sharon, we are located outside Boise, Idaho. The YZ125 YamaLink lowering kit is $170 plus shipping. All the shipping options are found HERE

Taylor rides 2002 YZ250 and weighs 195 pounds. Spring rate question if lowering with YamaLink

I’m only 5’5” tall. I would like to buy a lowering link, but I weigh 195 lbs. What link would I need? How do I know what spring to use? I ride a 2002 YZ250 2 Stroke.

Hi. You need a heavier spring with the stock setup at 195 pounds to achieve proper sag. At your weight there is no way the YZ250 can be set up with proper sag.

And when you add a YamaLink to your 2002 YZ250 the spring rate needed is for a 220 pound rider to offset the YamaLink's extra leverage. More info can be found HERE.

Lowering 2005 WR250F, Yamaha dealer questions about YamaLink for customer

I have a customer with a 2005 Yam WR250, not a tall rider. Wants to lower the bike, he weighs 190lb. One concern before we do it is the front forks, can only drop about 1/2” before hitting the bars, and will the stock spring work. he does want to start racing it. ( not a young man ). Please give me your recommendations.

That customer needs a heavier spring BEFORE a YamaLink to achieve proper sag. The 2005 WR250F is set up for a rider of about 160 pounds. As-is that 190 pound rider will have too much sag, the bike will understeer and will bottom violently no matter how much spring preload is used.

With a YamaLink that 190 pound rider will need a spring rate for a 220 pound rider due to the extra YamaLink leverage. Without a heavier spring the bike will behave even worse than the aforementioned due to leverage and excess sag.

With the forks there is NO 1:1 ratio. Meaning: lowering the rear 1.5 inches does not mean you raise the fork tubes UP 1.5 inches. After resetting sag and being properly sprung in the rear suspension we recommend a starting point of about 4mm to raise the forks. Even if the 2005 WR250 fork tubes could slide up 1.5 inches - which they cannot, not even close - the bike would oversteer and headshake violently. I'd say 90% of WR250 riders are settling around the 3mm - 6mm (6mm is 1/4 inch) adjustment range.

Ian has a question about the 2007 YZ125 YamaLink: cost to ship to UK and lowering amount

Good Day. Please confirm the lowering link required to lower a 2007 YZ125. The big is too tall for my son. Can you ship to UK? How long does this take? Please confirm all costs?

The 2007 YZ125 YamaLink is found HERE.

We ship to the UK daily. Your shipping options are fully explained HERE.