Monday, November 26, 2012

Josh's question about 2010 Yamaha WR250R YamaLink lowering

Hope this is the right address for this technical question... Anyway, just installed a yamalink on 2010 wr250r. Everything installed easily (great product!). My question is concerning lowering the front (moving forks UP in the triple clamp) I had previously lowered the stock shock mechanism and didn't do any lowering of the front, it seemed to handle great. When I put on the yamalink it was a little too low, so I raised the stock shock maybe 1/2 or 3/4 inch... My questions are...

1. Does the stock shock lowering mechanism do the same thing as the yammalink or are they doing different things to the geometry? How do they interact with each other?

2. If someone only lowered 1 inch with the yamalink, but left the stock shock at its highest, would the front still need to be lowered?

3. If the bike feels good with yamalink, but no front end lowering, is there any damage or mechanical wear that takes place, is it dangerous or is it strictly a "feel" thing?

Josh, The stock lowering is purely lowering. The YamaLink is lowering + increased leverage which makes the bike handle much better on the braking bumps, acceleration bumps and square edge.

Lowering the front end with a YamaLink-only, with the stock lowering only or with the YamaLink + stock lowering is purely personal. Not lowering the front end would cause it to understeer a bit, a chopper effect.

No damage takes place. It is purely a feel thing, yes. What feels good to one rider may feel "odd" to another. We recommend sliding the fork tubes UP at a starting point of 12mm (.5 inches) and the rider adjusts up or down a few millimeters based on how he/she likes their bike to feel.

Who makes a kickstand for the YZ 125 which fits a YamaLink lowering kit?

Can you give me a recommendation on the proper kickstand purchase for a 2006 yz 125 that has been lowered using one of your yamalinks? Gonna wrap one up & put it under the tree for my son for christmas.

The two most popular are Trail Tech and Pro Moto Billet. Trailtech supposedly makes a supermoto version which is shorter than a "regular" sidestand.


Trailtech: has a good return policy (but I'd read the fine print just to be sure)