Friday, July 23, 2010

Yamaha lowering link WR250F 2009 question

Sergio asks what a YamaLink will do for his 2009 WR250F. Our reply....

"At your weight of 70kg/155 pounds you will be perfect with the stock Yamaha shock spring.

But the most important part is to reset sag. If you reset sag and slide the fork tubes up in the triple clamps your Yamaha will ride so much better than stock.

Yamahas work best with 1/3 sag of total travel whether you run a YamaLink or a stock setup.

If you do not reset sag or if you are not properly sprung then the bike will be altered in its geometry and not ride well.
We've sold many many YamaLinks over the years, and the key is proper set up. It's simple to do, and a YamaLink will increase traction, lower the seat height, add plushness and turn better."