Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Mark but this one has a WR250 lowering grease question

Mark emails: Hi, received the yamalink today. Thanks for the sending promptly. I see there is a grease nipple on it, do I have to put grease in there before using?

Our reply:
We pack in a lot of grease before shipping but it never hurts to put more
in. Be careful no needle bearings pop out if you decide to toss a little
more in. But if you don't have any grease it's fine: our testing shows the
grease we put in lasts a minimum of 2 years!

Mark has a 2007 WR 450 sag question

From Mark: If I set the sag on the rear of my 07 wr450 with yamalink to 3.5 inches how much lowering of seat height will I get?

Our reply: If your 07 WR450F is set at 100mm with the stock components and then you install the YamaLink and RESET sag to 100mm the lowering will be 1.5 inches.

If you reset sag to 3.5 inches your overall net lowering difference will be just over 1 inch.