Friday, December 20, 2013

Mark asks about lowering links and should he get one for his Yamaha TTR230?

I’ve read so much online about lower bikes…don’t do it…it’s fine. Just a little worried, but I may give it a shot.

Lowering links are not for everyone. The #1 demographic who don't get along with lowering links are riders labeled as "bolt-on artists" who can't read the instructions and completely bypass the resetting of sag (usually they don't even know how to set sag on a bike in the first place), doesn't properly spring his bike for the extra leverage or raise the fork tubes to decrease understeer or follow basic suspension guidelines. Those riders have bikes that wallow, bottom easily or won't turn.

It's like buying a pair of shoes and not tying the laces, and wondering why you can't run very far before tripping or having a shoe fling off. Easiest to blame the shoe (online in a forum where everyone is an expert), not the shoe wearer.

San Diego WR250 rider asks about installing his YamaLink

Questions: Cost for lowering link, who installs in San Diego,CA., how much lowers can i go please?

Hi. The cost and lowering amount is on the WRF page. Complete info: Click HERE

As for who installs it in San Diego. You can or any shop can. We have an install video on the page and the written installation instructions are very simple. Install + reset sag and fine tune.

Bobby's 2014 Yamaha YZ250 lowering link question

2014 YZF250 rider Bobby had a question about the YamaLink Race (the 1 inch kit) and the 1.5" YamaLink, and using it with the stock spring versus a heavier spring rate to achieve proper sag.

"I weigh 215 and am 5.4. At 57 years old I really like the 1.5 lower option, but just wanted your opinion, if with my weight the 1" option might work better. Any thoughts and Thank you for your response."

At 215 pounds without gear you need a much heavier spring with the stock setup. Add a YamaLink and the extra leverage requires an even heavier spring.

The stock spring is made for a 160 pound rider to achieve proper sag of approximately 100mm.

Without YamaLink: get spring rate for 215 pound rider.

With YamaLink: get spring rate for 240 pound rider.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eugene asks about the 2002 YZF426 YamaLink shipping to New Zealand via express international

"Just enquiring about lowering link I got 2002 yamaha yzf426 sure you link will work but i can't seem to select option 1 for postage so I can have it in 6 days and have tracking available, I want it shipped to New Zealand. Could you confirm it will fit my bike and also if option 1 is available."

Our reply: To select option 1 please follow the instructions at

For all non-US customers - Do NOT "estimate shipping and tax" and DO NOT select "ship outside US". Go directly to the yellow/orange CHECKOUT button or the yellow/orange CHECKOUT WITH PAYPAL BUTTON.

Sign in to your PayPal or use a credit card to pay. You will be taken to the checkout page & have TWO options.

Option 1: USPS Express International is discounted: you pay $39.95 USD and we pay the rest. It is the fastest (average 6 days to most countries!) & has online tracking & insurance. We guarantee every YamaLink shipped Express.

The 2002 YZ426F YamaLink is here: Click THIS

Ralph wants to know if the 2001 Yamaha 426 YamaLink fits his 2010 WR450F suspension.

Originally I purchased a YamaLink for my 2001 WR 426, can I use it for my new bike a 2010 WR450?

Short answer: No.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

YamaLink Question of the day: Mark's Yamaha TTR230 suspension lowering question

Mark writes "Hi, I was wondering what your return policy was on the links? I also wanted to know how successful the ttr230 links are in general? Thanks."

Hi. We've been selling the TTR230 YamaLink for several years with great success. If it didn't work we wouldn't sell it. There is no return policy. The part fits, the written installation instructions are simple to understand and the TTR230 becomes a better handling bike.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bryan's 2013 YZ450 suspension lowering link 1.5" YamaLink question

I have a '13 yz450f and am interested in your option A, do you still have those available?

We are out of stock on the 2013 YZ450 1.5 inch YamaLink suspension kit as of November 9th. At least two weeks until back in stock.

Mark's Yamaha lowering link for WR250 shipping overseas

"Hi folks, I ordered and paid for a yamalink over 2 weeks ago and it still has arrived, bit concerned the post has lost it. Could you have a look from your end to see where it could be. Regards, Mark."

Mark, Hello. You selected Global Priority shipping which has NO online tracking. Your selection is Option 2 in our shipping page: click HERE

Delivery can take upwards of 14 business days (weekends and holidays do not count as a business day). It has been 11 business days since your order was shipped Global Priority.

YamaLink question of the day: Manuel's daughter's 2006 WR250F Yamaha lowering link shipping

Manuel asks "if I place my order today for a 2006 WR250 YamaLink, how fast do you ship?"

Answer: We ship priority mail up until 4:30 pm mountain standard time. Delivery depends on how fast or slow the local postal carrier is in the Yamaha rider's home town.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brett and his 2009 YZ250 YamaLink shipping to South Africa

Hi, I'm considering purchasing a Lowering Link for my 2009 YZ250 (2 stroke). If I order one, would you be willing to ship it to South Africa for me? Thank you.

Brett, Hello. We ship to SA often. Here are your shipping options. I highly recommend the Express International with tracking and insurance: Click HERE

Melissa wants to know if YamaLink makes an XT 250 lowering kit

Hi, I'm after a lowering link for a yamaha xt250. Do you have a suitable product? If not could you recommend anyone? Regards, Mel

Hello. No one in the world makes an XT 250 lowering link.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Motocross the WR250R!

One of our dealers writes "I have a guy that wants to do the Yamalink for his WR250R and he plans to ride the bike to the motocross track occasionally and ride there. Would there be any issues with the Yamalink if he's jumping the bike?"

No different than any other bike with our other YamaLinks. Just need to be properly sprung and have sag set correctly for the bike to handle properly. The YamaLink is strong enough (one local guy does 100 mile desert races through the gnarly whoops and ditches) and the WR250R is strong enough.

Does the YamaLink fit the 2007 WR250F? It does.

We had a kind gentleman YamaLink customer claim his 2007 WR250F did not fit the YamaLink. We asked if he read the instructions because we knew what he did NOT do when saying there was a big gap in the bearings: he did not read the instructions. At least he admitted it.

It's happened once before, but the WR250 customer laughed it off when he realized within seconds that actually reading the included install guide would help.

We read your claim that the 2007-2011 WR250F YamaLink did not fit. We replied, basically stating we presume you did not read the instructions, and after our phone conversation where you stated you indeed did NOT read the instructions before filing your claim we know for a fact there is about a 16mm gap in your bearings, hence the not fitting issue. I will copy/paste the section of your included installation instructions which which will help your YamaLink fit:

2. Pick up the stock rocker. Stick a finger in the 2 main pivots & pull out the metal bushings & pivot pins. Insert into the YamaLink. Be careful no needle bearings pop out. Everything should “snap” straight into place.

After you have done that please take the time to read the other part of the written instructions about resetting sag and being properly sprung. If you do not choose to read these instructions your YamaLink will wallow, bottom and understeer.

Thank you, and please feel free to cancel your dispute over the YamaLink not fitting because we know for a fact it does fit. Additional assistance is just a phone call away (please leave a message unlike your previous attempts) or reply to this email or the one you received last week regarding shipping information.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Brian's 2012 YZ lowering question for his 125

Can you recommend anyone in the Washington DC area to install one of you're a lowering links on ma YZ 125 2012 model? Thanks for the help.

We cannot. The instructions that come with each YamaLink are super simple to follow, and any mechanic can do it easily. The most crucial part is resetting sag and being properly sprung for the YamaLink's extra leverage, otherwise the bike will handle poorly, bottom, understeer, etc:

John's 2013 Yamaha WR250R lowering link question

I purchased a 2013 Yamaha WR250R today. Your website indicates that your Yamalink with lower my bike by 2 inches (when combined with the factory lowering option.) I am unfamiliar with the factory lowering option. Do I need to install the factory lowering option before I install your Yamalink?

The factory lowering is on your bike. It's a simple procedure involving turning the shock clevis/block up toward the rebound knob.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Lowering a Yamaha TTR230 is completely different than a TTR125

Hello, I see that you make a lower link for the 230 model. Will this fit the 125? Different part? Thanks, LJ

Completely different.

Steve's 1999 WR400F lowering suspension question

Your product sounds perfect for lowering my ’99 WR400F. Would you have any additional suggestions for lowering the bike an additional ½ inch (more would be great)?

Steve, we used to make a 1.75" YamaLink for your bike, but the leverage was too great. Now it's a 1.5" YamaLink, and as our website states, resetting sag and being properly resprung for the 1.5" extra leverage is crucial in proper setup. Otherwise the bike will bottom easily and under steer:

Another Yamaha lowering link question from Canada, WR450F 2007

Hi there, I would like to purchase a lowering kit for my 2007 wr450 from you guys and I was wondering how many inches would that drop the bike!! And I would like to know the price and shipping rate to Vancouver, Canada

Marty, Hi. Your 2007 WR450F YamaLink drops your bike 1.5" AFTER you reset sag and are properly sprung for the extra leverage. Complete info is here: and the shipping options are here:

Canada WR250 rider Yamaha Lowering Link YamaLink feedback

Hi, just installed my YamaLink. Went in under a half an hour, thanks again for this great ending; instructions were simple and to the point.

Monday, September 9, 2013

YZ250 sponsored racer Travis Fusselman

Fussy uses the YZ250 RACE YamaLink and the no-touch automatic bleeder. As the kids say......siiiiick! In full disclosure, Fussy is going backwards on the track and hit the Snack Shack after this pic was taken.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Air Pro Fork Yamaha YZ 125 and YZ 250 no touch fork bleeders

Air Pro Fork bleeders for the Yamaha YZ 125 and YZ 250. Fits years 2005 to 2014: click HERE

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Graham asks if we make a 1996 YZ125 YamaLink lowering kit

Hi , can you supply a lower link for a yz 125 1996 model, thanks graham

We do not.

Damien did not read his 2007 WR450 lowering installation instructions

hi,I purchased the above item on 29/5/2013.I removed the existing link on my bike and found the diameter of the bolts at 16mm. The link you have sent me has a hole size of 32mm. The bolts will certainly not fit. The lowering link you have supplied is no practical. Could you explain whats happened,as I did request a link for the above model?

Did you read the included instructions and put your stock pivot bolts and bushings into the YamaLink? If you do the bolts will fit:

Pick up the stock rocker. Stick a finger in the 2 main pivots & pull out the metal bushings & pivot pins. Insert into the YamaLink. Be careful no needle bearings pop out. Everything should “snap” straight into place.

If you did not read the instructions (which he did not at first) and did not put the stock pivot bolts and metal bushings into the YamaLink there will be a gigantic gap and slop.

Dave asks if we make a Yamaha TTR250 lowering link

Hi would you have a lowering linkage to fit a 2004 TTR250?


Richard wants to know about the 2005 and 2006 Yamaha WR250F lowering with the YamaLink

I am in the UK and have been offered one of your links (which are rare over here) for a wr250f but the seller does not know the year of the bike it was for. I run a 05/06 wr250f and note from your site that various model years have a different add to basket buttons. Can I ask if there is any way of identifying the year the link is for and are the differences significant?

They look the same, but the difference is in the bearings, seals and pivots. You could take out your stock rocker (what the YamaLink is called) and pull out the pivot pin with your finger and insert it into the used YamaLink.

Phil asks about his Yamaha lowering YamaLink installation

Question of the day: I just received my Yamalink. It already has the bearings in there as well as plastic end caps. Do I replace those plastic end caps with the metal ones that are on the original rocker or just leave them in place and just insert the metal bushing and reassemble?

*And then Phil read the included instructions..... You can disregard my previous email. I’m an idiot and figured it out. Thanks, can’t wait to try it out.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Yep, we make a four stroke/2004 YZ250F YamaLink lowering kit

Your site only lists a YZ 250 2 stroke for the lowering link. Am I correct to assume that the 4 stroke is different and you don't make one ? (I have an 04YZ250F)

Our site DOES list a YZ four stroke YamaLink. Click HERE

Is there a TTR125L Yamaha lowering link from YamaLink?

Do you have or could you make a lowering link for the TT-R125L?


Does the 2004 WR250 YamaLink fit the 2005 WR250F lowering suspension?

Question of the week: Hi, I just paid for a wrf 04 lowering link forgetting that my bike is an 05. It has been dispatched. Will it still fit? Can i swap it if it doesn't?

The 2004 YamaLink will NOT fit the 2005. You can swap but will have to pay for shipping.

Is the lowering link for the WR250R different than the suspension link for the WR250F?

Question of the day: Do you guys offer a lowering link for a 2013 WR 250R that is different from a W250F?

YES. It's on our website, two very different YamaLinks for two very different bikes.

We do not make a 2006 Yamaha XT225 YamaLink lowering

Even though our website and phone message clearly states "every YamaLink we make is listed on our website...if you don't see it we don't make it" we still get emails and phone calls (on the same day from the same person!) like "Do you make a lowering link for a 2006 Yamaha XT225?"


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Richie's question about the Yamaha YZ250F YamaLink and bearings

Hi there, silly question but does the yamalink come complete with bearing, or do I need to take the bearing from my stock part?

The YZF250 YamaLink comes with everything needed.

Brian's feedback after lowering his wife's TTR230 with the YamaLink

Sir you guys are legends, the Yamalink for the TTR230 are awesome they fit perfectly, my wife can touch the ground flat footed now. Well done to you for a great product.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Manny asks if we make a YamaLink lowering kit for his 2002 YZ250F

Manny, Your 2002 YZ250F YamaLink info can be found here: Click

Andrew's question about lowering his 2004 WR450F with a YamaLink

I have a wr450f 2004 and would like to know if the lowering link is the best thing for me to do or if I need the link and something else.

Our reply: The most important thing with a YamaLink is resetting sag and being properly sprung for the extra leverage: Click HERE

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2014 Yamaha YZ450 YZ250F

Monday, May 20, 2013

Leo's 2010 WR250F spring rate YamaLink lowering option

Leo writes "Being a newbie to dirt bikes, and I’m struggling with the height of my WR250F. I’m 77kgs - 5ft7 & can only put a toe on the ground when sitting on my bike."

You definitely need a heavier spring. Stock is a 4.7kg and we recommend 5.3kg for your weight and a YamaLink.

Shipping cost Australia for YamaLink YZ YZF WR?

We've received plenty of inquiries lately regarding shipping costs to Australia. Here are the two shipping options: Click HERE

What spring rate for Miguel's 2011 WR250F with YamaLink

Miguel weighs 78kg before gear. He wants to know what spring rate to use with the YamaLink kit.

Answer: 5.4 kg spring and you must reset sag.

Emilia's 2008 Wr250F Yamaha lowering YamaLink

Emilia asks if there are 1 or 2 YamaLinks required for her 08 WR250F.

Answer: You only need one - HERE

Thursday, May 9, 2013

5 years later, and dealers surprised about WR250R and WR250X stock lowering option

Here you go:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nick's TTR125 lowering question

Do you make a YamaLink for a TTR125 or know anyone who does?

We do not, and no one in the world makes a lowering kit for the TTR125.

Miguel from Spain WR250F lowering YamaLink question

The WR250F (2010) I see two parts to lower the height of the bike? What is the gap or both, how many cm. low seat?

Only 1 part is required for the WR250F. 41cm is lowering amount.

Aaron from Canada YZ250F lowering link compared to WR250R YamaLink question

Hey guys, wondering if a YZ250f Yamalink and a WR250R lowering link are the same? Thank you!

Not even close.

Gregory from New Zealand's TTR230 vs TTR250 lowering link question

"Is your TTR230 YamaLink lowering link for the ttr230 the same as ttr250?"

Different bikes. Different lowering links.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TTR250 YamaLink? No, but koubalink makes one.

All the discussion sites refer to a Yamalink for TTR250 but your website does not list them.

Hello, we do not make a TTR250 lowering link. does: click HERE

Leo's 2010 Yamaha WR250F YamaLink spring rate

Leo asks "Being a newbie to dirt bikes, and I’m struggling with the height of my WR250F. I’m 77kgs - 5ft7 & can only put a toe on the ground when sitting on my bike. I’ve read good feedback about your product, but could you please clarify for me: “When you install a YamaLink we recommend a 10% heavier spring if you weigh close to 175/77kg.” Does this mean I need to also purchase a new spring to be installed? Or is this something that can be dialed in on the rear shock?"

Leo, you definitely need a heavier spring. Stock is a 4.7kg and we recommend 5.3kg for your weight and a YamaLink.

John's Yamaha YZ426 chain length with YamaLink lowering

John writes "I am looking at buying a lowering link for my 426. It is however in need of a new chain and sprocket, before I order a new chain I need to know… Will the lowering link require a different chain length? I really appreciate all the help and guidance you can give me on this."

"John, The YZ426 YamaLink will not require a longer chain than the amount of links you currently run on the YZ426."

Monday, February 25, 2013

Shipping a WR450 YamaLink to Australia

Hi I have a 2012 wr 450f I would like to lower it would like a price on parts and freight to Australia.

All current pricing and shipping rates can be found on our website HERE.

YamaLink received and installed on my WR250R. I added grease on all internal surfaces. Do I ever use the grease fitting? You referenced 3.25 Sag in the paper with the Link. On you website 4 in. or 100 mm. is recommended. What Rider Sag should be used? Do you have a Sag measurement for Free Sag? For front Sag?

4 inches is for the WRF and YZF. We recommend maintenance according to the Yamaha manual.

Laura rides a 2004 YZ250 and wants to know about the YamaLink amount

I have been looking at the and just wondering approximately how much this will actually lower the bike?

Lowers the YZF rear 1.6"/40mm when properly sprung for rider weight + the link's extra leverage.

Mark's son rides a 2003 YZ125 and has a question about the YamaLink lowering

By lowering the rear suspension how will this affect the cornering of a yz 125 2003. My son is 12 & 5'6 loves motocross.

For the 2003 we only make the 1.5" YamaLink, and depending on your son's weight or aggressiveness the 1.5" could be too much leverage for motocross. That's why we made the shorter YZ RACE version, but that only fits the 06 and newer. As for the forks most are raising them in the clamps at a starting point of about 4mm and adjusting up or down 1 or 2 mm based on personal preference.

Don's 2005 Yamaha WR250 YamaLink lowering question

Hi can you tell me how much it would be to get one of your lowering links for a Yamaha wr250f 2005 is there an importer in England that sells them?

Hello. Any local dealer can order a YamaLink and you can order one, also, from our website. Complete pricing and shipping options are listed on our site, too.

Do you make a 2012 WR450F YamaLink lowering link?

Do you have the Yamalink for WR450F 2012? My weight is about 77kg (170 pounds). Do I need to change the spring or it’s just about to re-set the Sag? How can I pay you? Pay pal or trough website?

The 2012 WR450F is on our website HERE and so is the shipping information HERE and sag information can be found HERE.