Monday, November 5, 2012

Australia rider Adam's 2001 YZ426 lowering kit Yamaha YamaLink

Adam writes "I am in Australia. I weigh 80 kilo without gear. This is for pure bush/scrub/hill-climbing and mud rainy season application. Are there various types/ratios Links that you produce, or is there just one."

For the 2001 YZ426F there is just one YamaLink: Click HERE And you must be properly sprung for the YamaLink's extra leverage: Click here for more info on that.

Do bearings come with Daniel's Yamaha 250 YZ lowering link?

Daniel from Auckland wanted to know if his Yamaha YZ250 RACE YamaLink came with bearings. Answer: Yes. And seals. And super easy to follow installation instructions. Click HERE for more info.