Friday, December 10, 2010

Lowering Yamaha Suspension and spring rate

From Jon....

"Hi, I weigh 220# fully geared up. Currently I have no problems bottoming out with stock rear spring, sag set at 98MM. Should I try riding with link, after re setting sag, and raising forks, before ordering new stiffer rear spring."

Our reply....

Are you saying at 220 pounds geared up you are NOT bottoming violently with the stock springs? Because you should have TOO MUCH sag and be wallowing/bottoming with stock springs at approx 100mm.

The YamaLink will put about 10% more leverage on the bike. Basically you will weigh 220 + 20 pounds. And that definitely requires a heavier spring (for a 240 pound rider) if you are an aggressive rider.