Friday, September 9, 2011

Andrew asks: 2001 WR426 lowering link fit the WR250 2005?

Question: I've got a YamaLink lowering link for a wr426 01 model and was wondering if it will fit a wr250 05 model.

Answer: Nope.

Will the TTR230 YamaLink fit the TTR125?

Question: I'm looking at the TT-R 125 LE for my son. Do you know if your TTR230 YamaLink will fit?

Answer: No, it unfortunately does not.

Ben's 2011 WR250F lowering questions

From Malaysian WR250F rider Ben....

Can you advice me on the proper measurements for race sag and how much should I move the front end. I mainly ride slow to medium speed cross country. I tackle a great deal of slow speed technical hill climbs and rutted surface.

I am a 6 footer but I can't flat foot on the original settings. For that I am thinking of using your YamaLink. I weigh 220 pounds or 100kg. I already have a 6.1kg spring from race tech and I think that will fit nicely with the link.

Question is much sag should I set for my type of riding. much should I move the front end so as not to change the original bike's geometry.
3. Anything else I need to know.

I need to get it right the first time as my ride is 600kms over a week.
How many inches will my Wr250f drop when using the YamaLink. Is this the maximum that it can go?

Our reply....
If your sag is set at 100mm now and you install the YamaLink and reset sag to 100mm, the difference will be a little over 1.5 inches.

The most important part is resetting sag and being properly sprung for rider
weight + extra leverage of the YamaLink. Click HERE for more info