Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wait, another YamaLink question of the day about lowering 2014 and 2016 YZ250F

Brian writes "We purchased the 'Race' lowering link for the 2014 yz250f a few years ago. Love it!!!!! Recently got a new 2016 yz250f, noticed it comes with different suspension, like a 5.4 (2016) rear shock instead of the 5.7 (2014). Will the Yamalink we already have still work on the new bike?"

Our reply: You will need to readjust sag and fine tune the compression and rebound after install due to slight differences between the 14 and 16, but the holes fit both bikes.

Question of the day: Can the Yamaha lowering link from a Yz250F fit a new 2016 YZ250FX?

No, you cannot. The bearings and seals and pivot pin are completely different between the 2012 YZ250F and 2016 YZ250FX YamaLinks.

Spring rates lowering 2006 YZ125 with YamaLink

A customer asked us about spring rates for her 2006 YZ125. Here's full scoop....

A 2006 YZ125 has a stock spring rate of 4.7KG
At 180 pounds BEFORE a YamaLink the bike needs a 5.0kg to achieve proper sag.
WITH a YamaLink a 2006 YZ125 and a 180 pound rider needs a spring rate of 5.4 KG.