Thursday, February 5, 2009

50% WR/YZ lowering link question

99% of our emails have to do with WR/YZ lowering links. And then there are those sent purposely to us just to shoot the breeze. We like these emails even though they have nothing to do with a motorcycle. Read on....

Email Question: What kind of boots do you guys prefer for when the weather is not so nice?

Our reply: Gaerne SG10 is a great durable highend choice.

(a day later the emailer sends....)

Email Question #2: No, I meant for going out on the town whether in jeans or khakis. Something casual but sharp.

Our reply: Oh why didn't you say this was a fashion question? We truly like the J Crew Rugged Red Wing boots. Retail is $225 (same as a YamaLink WRF, woo) but you can find deals. Seems the "rugged/work boot" fashion is in high gear with several options on the market. Vintage and worn in is the goal as seen by one picture as compared to the brand new "hey look at my new shoes" geek version. Go with what fits your feet and budget. Ours loves the J Crew version and we're working tirelessly to break them in (even wearing them on a 7.5 mile hike....we have the blisters to prove it). Is there anything you'd like to ask regarding suspension or motorcycles in general?

Their reply: No. Bye.

Going Postal for smaller deliveries

Good news for us. Good news for you. Yet it's still kind of "boring" news. I mean, it's just about mailing a small flate rate box. But what it also means is that you won't have to look on your porch or go to the postal center (total inconvenience, we know) to fetch a flat rate envelope that was too large to be placed in your mailbox.

The United States Postal Service has a new small flat rate box that fits every single YamaLink! Overseas global priority mail can even hold TWO yamaha lowering links for the same price of one! And domestic orders are still $5 for priority mail whether it's one or two. And as we happily-tongue-in-cheek cheered in the first paragraph, everything will be more convenient for you! Woo. Go Broncos (local inside humor no one will get).