Monday, June 12, 2017

Rich's 2008 YZ250F lowering YamaLink spring rate

I'm looking in to get 1 lot your lowering link for my 08 yzf 250. I'm a shorter rider at 5'5" with all my gear on I'm at 190lbs do you recommend I change out the spring. I mostly ride trails but I have a friend that has a track that I'm thinking going to ride so do I have to change out the spring. The spring that is on it now is the original stock one. If you let me what I have to do I would appreciate it. RICH

Rich, You need a much heavier spring for your YZ250F BEFORE a YamaLink is installed. The bike is stock sprung for a 155 pound rider. With a YamaLink you should follow the recommendation: Click HERE.

Add 15% to your weight and pick a spring for that final number.

Max's 2016 WR450F YamaLink lowering question, which one?

Hello I need for my bike yamaha wr450 year 2016 a lowering link, which is the difference of her WR Yamaha lowering link race and trail.

Trail lowers rear 1.25 inches.

Race lowers is HALF the amount of Trail.

Nick's 2016 YZ250 lowering YamaLink question

Nick writes "I purchased a lowering link for my yz 250 and currently have it on the stiffest setting for the shock and it is still bottoming. I set up the sag as recommended in your instructions and was just wondering if you have any advice on set up on how to fix this issue? I weigh 190 pounds, not sure if weight factors in to set up.

Nick, Hi. At 190 pounds you are too heavy for a YZ250 even BEFORE a YamaLink is installed. A YZ250 (two stroke I presume since you did not say YZ250F) comes sprung from factory for about 165 pounds. At 190 before gear and before the YamaLink you are too heavy and have too much sag.

The YamaLink extra leverage requires a heavier spring as stated on the website, the FAQ and the included instructions. On the YZ250 order page that you purchased off of it reads "CLICK HERE: IMPORTANT" and that takes you to the FAQ which covers the spring for leverage: Click HERE

Follow the instructions that came with your YamaLink: reset sag + be properly sprung. It's at the very top of the sheet right after the words BEFORE RIDING. Add 15% to 190 pounds and that is your spring rate. If in between spring rates go for the heavier rate.

Let us know if you need more assistance. Thanks!

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