Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Australian WR450F rider Deano and yamalink shipping

Hi there, I live in Australia and was wondering do you have a lowering links for WR450s 2014 model? and how much it could be in Australian dollars to buy and send it to Australia? Also is your website in Australian dollars? Cheers Deano

Deano, the WR450F will show up in Australian dollars for you and US dollars for us. The conversion is automatically made before checkout. Shipping has two options. Click HERE.

Eric's 2012 WR250F yamalink spring question

Hi. I have just bought your Yamalink to lower my 2012 WR250F. I weigh 170lb. Do i need to replace both front fork springs and rear shock springs before resetting the sag? Eric

Our reply: "Eric. No change to the fork springs are required. You will need a heavier rear spring without a YamaLink because at 170 without gear you are a little over the factory stock spring sag range. The stock spring is a 4.7kg."

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nikki asks about the two yamalink YZ125 lowering link units

Down Under question of the day: What lowering links do you have available for a 2015 YZ 125?

Our reply: We make two versions of the 2015 YZ125 YamaLink. Version #1 lowers the YZ rear more and requires resetting sag and being properly resprung for the extra leverage. Version #2 just needs sag readjusted a few millimeters in comparison due to less leverage. Version #1: Click to the LINK Version #2: Click for the other LINK

YamaLink post of the day: 2016 YZ450FX coming soon

According to Dirt Bike World: click HERE for the link

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thumpertalk YamaLink YZ125 RACEr at High Point


Monday, May 18, 2015

Mick's 2015 YZ250FX suspension lowering kit question

"Hi, I just want some help to me decide if and which link would be good for me on my YZ250FX. I am 43 and weigh 130lbs. 5ft 8in tall. I ride all areas of off-road Desert, some motocross, enduro, endurocross and mountain single track. No racing but have in the past both motocross and desert. Obviously the stock springs are too stiff for me however I like feel of the bike overall and even in stock trim can ride aggressively.

I was going to get an softer rear spring and see what the forks felt like before I messed with it. My understanding is that the yamalink along with the seat lowering will also reduce spring rate. I am thinking with this link I can get the benefits of a lower seat height plus possibly put the rear spring range for my weight. What is your thoughts and opinion? Trail link or race link?"

Our reply: "Based on what you wrote I'd go for the Trail YamaLink for the YZ250FX."

YZ125 lowering 2015 question for Todd's son

"I just bought my son a new 2015 YZ125. The bike is strictly for racing motocross, and he is a novice class rider presently. He is about 125 pounds but on the shorter side. What link, #1 or #2, do you recommend, and how much can I expect the bike to lower with each link? He rode his 85 fast and hard, and I expect he'll eventually do the same with the 125."

We replied "We made the #2 specifically for riders like your son. Yes, the #1 lowers the bike more (1.5") which is great especially on the start line (most use blocks anyway), but we made the #2 for my nephew who at the time was 100 pounds and about 5'4", but he was insanely fast coming off a super mini. The #2 only lowers the rear about 1/2" but the YZ handled so much better especially when the tracks got rougher and/or second moto. So it's not a true lowering link; that's why we call it the RACE YamaLink. Today we sell the #2 to tall YZ racers not just the slightly height impaired.

If you would've said your son was a casual beginner off-road rider and NEVER raced MX we'd go #1. But an aggressive in shape fast kid always chooses the short travel YamaLink aka #2."

Which one? YZ250FX lowering YamaLink question

2015 YZ250FX racer asked us today "I am 155lbs without gear, 5 ' 10 and the fx is a really tall bike. I've thrown the static sag out the window temporarily which has caused my suspension to be less than awesome. I race hare scrambles in intermediate which is equivalent to open b in gncc and i normally ride extreme terrain. I would like to know which lowering link is right for me the race, or the trail. I would certainly appreciate the 1.25" lower seat but i do ride quite aggressively. Im also curious what makes yamalink different from the other links i can get. I've heard they affect the geometry of the bike in a negative way. I look forward to your reply. Thank you."

And our reply: "We read your email twice and all agree the Race YamaLink is what'd we'd slap on. Yes, it'd be great to get the Trail version but your GNCC division and terrain has us leaning toward the shorter travel YamaLink. It'll make the bike perform sooooo much better on the square edge and braking bumps, and while you may wish the lowering was somewhere between the Race and Trail we'd go for less leverage and more fast-racer (that'd be you) handling.

As for the "other links" we don't know a thing about theirs. We're too busy designing, racing and selling ours to even worry about what's on the market. We've been told ours costs considerably less and has a grease zerk which makes lubing your bearings super easy at a race.

And....we replied to your email in a matter of seconds."

TTR 230 lowering question from Marcus

Marcus writes "I just ordered your lowering link for a 2005 TTR 230. If I also raise the forks up in the triple clamps, will the kickstand be too long? Can it be replaced with a shorter kickstand from another/smaller model of bike?"

Our reply: About 99% of TTR230 YamaLink owners simply turn their handlebar to the left and are mindful the bike sits a little higher up. We've never heard of an owner cutting & rewelding the sidestand like some other Yamaha YamaLink owners do.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Frank's WR250X lowering with yamalink question

I just recently purchased a 2008 Yamaha wr250x and am looking to lower it to better accommodate my height. I am rather short at 5'7" and i have already added a lower seat and can now tippy toe the bike but I would like to lower it some more in hopes that I will be able to flat foot the bike.

My question is does your Yamalink work in conjunction with doing the stock rear lowering adjustment as well as the stock front lowering adjustments? Or should I just pick one method or the other? If it does work with the stock lowering adjustments do you have instructions on how to do so? I notice that your install video only shows how to install the YamaLink and that is it.

Our reply.....Frank, Hello. We made the YamaLink to work specifically with the stock lowering, and the instructions that come with it give suggestions for bike setup with and without stock lowering if you choose to use just the YamaLink, but about 99% use the stock lowering option, too.

yamalink Thumpertalk 2015 yz250fx comment

ThumperTalk yamalink 2015 yz250fx thread: click HERE

Monday, March 23, 2015

yamalink 2015 yz250fx question of the day lowering and answer

Kent writes "I bought a lowering link from you and was wondering what changes it will have to the handling of my bike?"

Our reply: If the instructions are followed and sag is reset & properly sprung then your 2015 YZ250FX will get better traction, turn better, absorb square edge and braking bumps tremendously easier. It will NOT wallow or understeer or bottom or turn slower if all the aforementioned are read and set up per the included recommendations.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 WR250F lowering Yamalink question of the day

Tim writes "I'm look for a lowering link for a 2015 wr250f, how low can I get and what's the price and availability?"

Hi. The 2015 WR250F YamaLink lowers the WRF about 1.5" after resetting sag and being properly resprung for the YamaLink's extra leverage which is discussed in detail several times on the site. In stock. $165 plus $5.60 priority mail shipping in the US which takes about 2 or 3 days delivery.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yamalink question of the day: spring rate for 2005 YZ250 with 160 pound rider?

Dealer from Georgia asks what spring rate a 2005 YZ250 two stroke would need to get perfectly balanced handling, proper race sag and no bottoming with a YamaLink. Answer: 5.4kg

ktm 690 lowering kouba video yamalink

KTM 690 lowering video: click HERE

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

yamalink: 2015 YZ250FX cycle news uber flip

Yamalink post about Cycle News feature YZ250FX: click HERE

new KTM 350sx 350xc lowering link from Kouba

Kouba's 2011 2012 2013 2014 and 2015 KTM 350XC 350SX lowering links back in stock: click HERE

Friday, January 16, 2015

yamalink 2003 WR250 in UK distributor

Andrew writes "I'm looking for a Yamalink for my WR250F 2003. Do you have any dealers or suppliers in the UK?"

Andrew, Hi. We ship direct to UK customers such as yourself or dealers if they place an order. Cost to ship a YamaLink is found here: Click

yamalink video 2015 YZ450F Josh Hill Larry Brooks

VitalMX video with 2015 YZ450F racer Josh Hill: Click HERE

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Yamalink's YZ250 lowering RACE shock link SOLD OUT

The Yamalink YZ250 shock lowering link kit is sold out as of January, 15, 2015.

Yamalink: 2014 YZ450F sag and lowering Thumpertalk

Good question at ThumperTalk about the 2014 YZ450F sag and setting with lowering link. Click HERE

Yamalink question of day: Which lowering link for 2015 WR250? 1.5 or race?

Bill purchased a 2015 WR250F and YamaLink, and sent this email: "Hello, just wanted to let you know that I received the link and installed it on the 2015 WR250. Your instructions were very thorough and easy to follow. I was expecting the unit to be lowered a bit more but will see how it works out over time. Would the other option( I ended up with a "RACE" unit) have lowered the bike more? Thanks again for all your help."

Yes, the other option lowers the bike more. Please read the website; it indicates the RACE lowers it about half as much. But for aggressive racers the RACE, when sag is properly set, is the maximum amount racers wanted. The RACE takes the abrupt rudeness out of braking bumps and acceleration holes most encountered in off-road races after hour two, three, etc. The increase in traction will be noticeable, too, and the lower center of gravity is almost like cheating when turns are flat, no berms and hardpack.

The other option has more lowering but it also has more leverage which can mandate a much heavier spring rate to achieve proper race sag and then requires more fine tuning of compression, rebound and fork height.

Which yamalink kit to lower a 2001 WR250F?

Question of the day: "Your kit for the wrf9801, how much does it lower the seat height and is it the connecting rod kit or rocker kit?"

The 98-01 WRF YamaLink is pictured here, and so is the info regarding lowering amount (if sag reset and properly sprung for YamaLink's extra leverage).

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2003 WR250F lowering kit shipped to Italy?

Asked if we ship Yamalinks to Italy and claim as a gift....

The 2003 WR250F YamaLink can be found here, and I will ship to Italy as gift value much lower, but Italy customs is corrupt and steals packages if you do not ship via Express International. It is Option 1 HERE.

ebay yamalink 2005 WR250 lowering link

New auction listed on ebay. We have no affiliation with the seller: click here.

Approaching 62k views WRF YZ YZF lowering link video

YamaLink's 7 year old WRF YZ YZF lower link install video is approaching 62,000 views! Click HERE.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Yamalink Lowering Yamaha WR250 video

Yamalink's WR250 lowering tutorial video coming up on 80000 views! Click HERE

Kouba KTM lowering and Yamalink

All KTM lowering links from Kouba can be found at Yamalink.com

Amazon and YamaLink YZF250 2014 YZ250 2015 race shock link

The 2014 YZF250 link and 2015 YZ250 RACE YamaLink on Amazon. Click HERE

Yamalink WR250R WR250X lowering link on Amazon

Amazon.com selling YamaLink WR250 lowering kits: Click HERE

Jason's yamalink for 2013 WR450F

What yamalink spring rate for Jason who weighs 200 pounds before gear? Stock WR450 spring is a 5.5 and at 200 pounds without gear he needs a 5.8 and with a yamalink he needs a 6.2kg spring to achieve proper sag and balanced handling.

Friday, January 9, 2015

yamalink's 2015 yz250fx yamalink $150 USD in and out of stock

As of Friday, January 9, 2015, we are replenished with YZ250FX RACE YamaLinks and are once again almost out of the 2015 yz250fx 1.5 inch lowering YamaLink. The YZ250FX lowering link is based on our YZ250F suspension link & tweaked for the FX's shock & 18" wheel. Your new YZ250FX is great, but it's tall and suspension can always be improved! We've added a grease zerk for quick bearing maintenance whether in the garage or at the races (some FX bearings are bone dry from the factory). Save money for riding, not replacing rusted bearings or broken levers from slow-speed tipovers! Choose the 1.5" link if you're short and lightweight. Choose the RACE link if you're aggressive and/or heavier (less than half vs 1.5"). YamaLinks give more traction, faster corner speed & improve plushness over braking bumps, rocks & roots that cause rider fatigue. Includes bearings, seals & install instructions. As with all linkages, requires setting sag & being properly RE-sprung for rider weight + the YamaLink's extra leverage.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Yamalink: Which 2015 WR250F lowering link? 1.5" or RACE?

Question of the day: I was looking at the options that you show for a 2015 WR250FF. I am not sure what the difference is between the "RACE" and 1.5" choices. I need a link for an intermediate B level rider in hare scrambles and enduros. He just purchased the bike and is barely able to tiptoe when sitting on the seat. I would appreciate your recommendation on which one to get and availability of your recommendation. Thank you for your time and knowledge.

For a B Level racer on the redesigned 2015 WR250F the YamaLink we recommend is the Race version.