Sunday, January 5, 2014

Question from Brazil about lowering the Yamaha 2008 Wr250F

Hi! Sorry my bad English, I'm Brazilian.

I recently purchased a Koubalink for my 2013 CRF250X, and I'm satisfied with results. A friend of mine owns a 2008 Yamaha WR250F, and he wants to lowers his bike too. So I "googled" and find your site, but I have some questions:

How much of fork lift over tripleclamps he have to do when install your link?

Shock spring is a complicated science for us, so is possible to leave the OEM WR spring when put your link in place? Thanks in advance, I will report your answers to him!

Our reply: For the 2008 WR250F the forks are raised UP in the triple clamps starting at around 4mm and fine tuned based on personal preference. Just like the Kouba Link, a YamaLink may need a heavier spring to achieve proper sag depending on rider weight. If a rider is close to needing a heavier spring with the stock setup they will definitely need one with the YamaLink's extra leverage to get 94mm to 100mm sag.

4 questions about lowering a WR250R

I have 4 questions please.....

1. The YamaLink lower the WR250R 1 inch, the other inch can be achieved by modifying the original Yamaha setting or this is a ‘’Factory Option’’?

Answer: YES

2. Then let assuming I lower the rear by 2 inch. Can I lower the front by an inch?...if so? Will it affect original handling?

Answer: The most we recommend raising the fork tubes UP is 18mm. Most start at 12mm and adjust.

3. Finally, do I have to replace the spring with my weight?

Answer: If you need a heavier spring with the stock setup you will need a heavier spring with a YamaLink.

4. Should I consider buying another bike instead?

Answer: That is purely up to you.