Friday, September 13, 2013

Lowering a Yamaha TTR230 is completely different than a TTR125

Hello, I see that you make a lower link for the 230 model. Will this fit the 125? Different part? Thanks, LJ

Completely different.

Steve's 1999 WR400F lowering suspension question

Your product sounds perfect for lowering my ’99 WR400F. Would you have any additional suggestions for lowering the bike an additional ½ inch (more would be great)?

Steve, we used to make a 1.75" YamaLink for your bike, but the leverage was too great. Now it's a 1.5" YamaLink, and as our website states, resetting sag and being properly resprung for the 1.5" extra leverage is crucial in proper setup. Otherwise the bike will bottom easily and under steer:

Another Yamaha lowering link question from Canada, WR450F 2007

Hi there, I would like to purchase a lowering kit for my 2007 wr450 from you guys and I was wondering how many inches would that drop the bike!! And I would like to know the price and shipping rate to Vancouver, Canada

Marty, Hi. Your 2007 WR450F YamaLink drops your bike 1.5" AFTER you reset sag and are properly sprung for the extra leverage. Complete info is here: and the shipping options are here:

Canada WR250 rider Yamaha Lowering Link YamaLink feedback

Hi, just installed my YamaLink. Went in under a half an hour, thanks again for this great ending; instructions were simple and to the point.

Monday, September 9, 2013

YZ250 sponsored racer Travis Fusselman

Fussy uses the YZ250 RACE YamaLink and the no-touch automatic bleeder. As the kids say......siiiiick! In full disclosure, Fussy is going backwards on the track and hit the Snack Shack after this pic was taken.