Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yamaha WR suspension lowering link quote of the day

From a ThumperTalk forum member...

"The link arrived yesterday. It's beautiful! Almost too beautiful to mount where it can get scuffed and scratched. I should have ordered a couple, one to use and one to just have as a paperweight on my desk."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yamaha YZ two stroke lowering link email of the day

Mike from Oakley wrote....


I just bought the YZ link online today via pay pal. Want to make sure that it comes with everything (bearings, seals).


Our reply
Mike, it comes with all the bearings, seals and spacers.

What about the WR450 lowering link?

Antonio had a quick question about his WR 450F lowering link:
"hi i have, a 06 wr 450? i dont see wr listed?"

Here you go: HERE

And to save anyone from sending an email, that is a ML2 Racing yamaha lowering link in black (which we do not sell anymore) and with different engraving than the 2011 version.

Yamaha YZ suspension lowering email of the weekend

From Kevin, a Yamaha YZ suspension lowering rider....

After install, grease the zerk fittings or are they already greased?

Our reply....

I pack about 2 years worth of grease into each bearing before shipping.