Monday, August 13, 2012

John's WR250R with YamaLink lowering and D606

John writes "Changed to d606 tires, rear of wr250r raised an inch, front stayed same. Do you need to lower forks with yamalink, install or will geometry be back to normal with rear lowered an inch with yamalink, since rear is up an inch now? Hope this Question makes sense."

And we replied "Our recommendations with a YamaLink is to raise the forks in the triple clamps 12mm as a starting point and then adjust up or down based on personal preference."

Charley's Yamaha WR450 YamaLink lowering link question

"The web site states that it will lower my bike 2", one by lowering the stock spring 1" an 1" from the yamalink. I have searched the web and can find no reference to a 1" adjustment to the stock spring. Can you please explain the adjustment for the stock spring?"

Our reply: You're looking at the wrong YamaLink. The 1" + 1" is for the WR250r and WR250x.